Major Transaction Communication and Planning

A transaction may support an existing strategy or signal a strategy shift but is inevitably complex to communicate. The complexity arises not just from the transaction itself, but also from the need to balance different external constituencies like analysts and investors, the media, and potentially regulators, politicians, counterparties, customers and employees. Market expectations are also critical in formulating a narrative that will address likely concerns and minimize the risk of a negative reaction.

At Gravitas, we have been involved in mergers, acquisitions, dispositions, strategy reboots, and restructurings. We have the experience and know-how to help companies go beyond what PR firms typically offer by understanding the market dynamics involved in such transactions and incorporating that into an effective narrative for all relevant constituencies.

IPOs and Secondary Capital Raises

Primary or secondary equity raises are high-profile transactions that present execution risk and are a credibility test for management.

Gravitas Advisory can help management prepare for these events. We have been involved in IPOs, secondary equity offerings, rights offerings and private placements to strategic investors.

We can craft effective communications to support the transaction. In particular, we understand the importance of assessing market expectations to ensure that potential market concerns are identified and addressed proactively by management.

Management Transition

Changes in senior management (either individuals or management groups) are often high-profile. Management credibility is an important factor to investors, and changes in management can either enhance or weaken that credibility — rarely does a change in senior management pass unnoticed. Thus, communications to the market must be carefully prepared.

Gravitas Advisory has managed market messaging around senior management changes that were both negative and positive surprises for the market. We have the experience to help management and Boards prepare.

While traditional PR advisors will focus on the media coverage, the market reaction is inevitably the most important signal for the media. Understanding the market’s perspective and likely reaction to a management change must be the first priority to formulate an effective narrative.

Annual Meeting Preparation – Avoid Embarrassing Public Mistakes

Annual meetings are high-profile events that combine serious topics in the proxy (say on pay, shareholder proposals) with the potentially comic from individual shareholders and the occasional gadfly. Annual meetings also tend to attract media attention and news coverage will inevitably follow any mistakes by management.

At Gravitas we have prepared management for Annual Meetings since 1995. We know the potentially difficult dynamics that management may face and can help them prepare to engage both sophisticated and less sophisticated investors.