Senior Management Training for Investor Engagement and Materiality

To engage the market successfully, senior managers must understand their audience. They must know the mechanics and the role of sell-side research, the investment processes of fund managers, the different investment styles and how they affect the analytical approach to the company.

Most importantly management must understand materiality of its information. Being able to convey information to investors and analysts is at the heart of investor relations. However, conveying information presents risk if management does not understand materiality, a difficult concept to determine as it is not subject to bright-line definitions and is always evolving. Nonetheless, management must continually assess it in their public and private conversations to communicate effectively without incurring legal risk.

At Gravitas, we have trained senior management on materiality and on how to successfully tell the investment story, describe current performance, and build credibility while avoiding legal risk.

Investor Relations Staff Training and Development

Investor relations staff must combine strong communication skills with a deep understanding of finance, the company’s business, and the market dynamics of equity research and the institutional buyside.

These are complex skill sets to acquire.

Gravitas Advisory has trained IR staff and developed successful IR programs across multiple large cap companies. An effective, strategic investor relations function is not possible unless staff is well trained and prepared.