Post-IPO Planning

One of the most under-appreciated aspects of going public is the six months following the IPO. This is a critical time for management to begin engaging the market, a challenge for which many are unprepared.

The issues awaiting management include: the first earnings releases and conference calls, analyst, and investor engagement, non-deal roadshows and conference participation, market expectations management, the risk of securities law violations, as well as creating and operating a capable investor relations function to manage these efforts.

At Gravitas we have lived through those hectic six months and can guide management to get up to speed as a public company.

Investor and Analyst Engagement Planning

Management, especially at newly public companies, can be overwhelmed by the time demands of institutional investors and analysts.

At Gravitas Advisory, we have managed coverage efforts for decades and have the experience to advise management on creating efficient and well-targeted coverage plans. This includes identifying the critical analysts and investors and how best to engage them to maximize the effectiveness of management’s communications in a time-efficient manner.

Management Preparation for Regular Investor Events

Earnings calls, conference presentations, investor days and Annual Meetings are high profile events that draw the attention of analysts, investors and the media.

Management credibility will be assessed constantly at these events, and preparation is critical. Errors will be public and can be damaging to the individual manager and to the company as a whole.

At Gravitas, we have prepared CEOs and CFOs for all types of investor events from earnings calls with sophisticated analysts and investors to AGMs with unsophisticated shareholders and gadflies.

Non-Deal Roadshows and Conference Presentations

Non-deal roadshows and conference presentations are an important tool for an investor relations program. They are effective ways to communicate the investment story, build management credibility, and address any current investor issues without the constraints of a quarterly earnings presentation. They also allow management to highlight businesses or issues that might otherwise not get the attention from the market.

Gravitas Advisory has experience that can help craft not only the content of these events, but also the frequency, targets and timing to maximize the impact while using management’s time efficiently.