Internal IR Reporting and Communications

Ensuring that senior management has an informed view of the market’s thinking is critical to avoiding damaging missteps. This is perhaps the most under-appreciated role of investor relations and it must be institutionalized to be effective.

The team at Gravitas Advisory has designed reporting structures to effectively and efficiently communicate the market perspective to senior management and Boards of Directors for over two decades. We can help develop reporting that captures essential market insights and formalize regular interaction between investor relations and senior management and Board of Directors.

Board of Directors Engagement

Boards will be more effective if they have a good understanding of the market’s perspective of the company, its strategy, performance and competitive positioning within its sector.

Most importantly, an informed view of the market’s perspective helps to avoid potentially damaging myopia. A well-informed management team and Board will make smarter operational and strategic decisions and minimize the risk of missteps that can damage the company’s and management’s credibility.

Gravitas Advisory has two decades of experience briefing Boards and can help craft reports and updates for them that highlight the relevant insights and most critical concerns of the market.