Investment Story

Credible investment stories are essential, but difficult to craft. They must balance competing dynamics such as business complexity with the simplicity that can be understood by generalist investors, and management’s long-term time horizon with the short-term investment view of most institutional investors. A good investment story also must be enduring as frequent changes will weaken its credibility.

Gravitas Advisory’s partners have created investment stories for IPOs, mergers, acquisitions, major strategy changes, recapitalizations and restructuring. We can bring that experience to help management craft a credible narrative for the most complex situations that will balance the needs of management with those of the market.


Determining what to disclose is critical. Disclosure is the quantitative and qualitative support of management’s investment story and the building blocks for analyst earnings models and valuation analysis.

At Gravitas Advisory, we have managed “de novo” disclosure for IPOs and major spin-offs, incremental disclosure for mergers, restructurings, strategic changes, business re-segmentations and regulatory requirements.

We can bring that experience to advise management on how best to meet credible market needs for disclosure to support the investment story, while minimizing the inevitable loss of confidentiality. Disclosure that is thoughtful and enduring and will not become a double-edged sword in the future if operating conditions change.

Guidance and Targets

Guidance and targets are difficult decisions for management. They provide support to an investment story, especially if there is a long path to profitability. But they are risky and enforce execution discipline because missing them will damage management credibility.

Gravitas Advisory’s partners have extensive experience in assessing the need for guidance and targets and helping management select the most suitable ones. We have seen first-hand how certain guidance and targets can help and hurt share price performance.