Corporate Governance and Activism

Activism is a growing trend confronting many companies. It can take many forms and arise from a company’s business activities, corporate governance structure, or performance. Dealing with activists can be difficult as some may use a confrontation with the company to pursue a broader agenda and leverage the media to apply pressure.

Gravitas Advisory can help identify risks in a company’s governance structure, business activities and performance that could subject it to activism, and recommend steps to proactively minimize those risks.

Environmental Social & Governance Issues

Environmental, Social & Governance issues are gaining importance. The size of investment funds using an ESG criteria is steadily growing and ESG issues increasingly drive media coverage and political scrutiny.

Failure to understand ESG issues can subject the company to activism from small dedicated groups (particularly environmental ones) but also from large mainstream investors with ESG policies and dedicated funds.

Gravitas Advisory can help management teams review the company’s potential exposure to ongoing ESG risks and take steps to minimize them.