We help start-ups and established companies build effective and respected investor relations (“IR”) capabilities to successfully engage markets across all business cycles. We believe most companies under-leverage the IR function, particularly its strategic value, which is a critical resource to senior management.

Too often IR is viewed as a tactical role with a mandate limited to communicate earnings and manage normal investor matters. This leaves the IR function under-resourced, out of the flow of important information, and unable to provide meaningful insight on major strategic and operational decisions. As a result, management will be left with a myopic understanding of the market’s views of the company, a poorly communicated investment story, and risk that the share price is meaningfully out of synch with its intrinsic value.

We approach IR consulting differently from PR and other consultants who do IR as a sideline by bringing longer-term, strategic solutions to companies facing financial communications challenges.

At Gravitas, we have decades of first-hand experience in building and managing highly respected IR functions. This experience was built across market and economic cycles including bubbles and financial crises, profound strategic and technological change and external scrutiny from skeptical media, politicians and regulators.

Good IR is an invaluable resource to management and provides a competitive advantage. We help management build that capability.